Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Been chasing reptiles in Newtown in Sydney the last couple of days. The collecting site is an old cemetery just off King Street. At first, it felt a little disconcerting clambering over old graves and flipping over broken tomb stones to get at the lizards but by day 3, we had become quite accomplished at grabbing lizards (whilst avoiding disused syringes). It's amazing how many people use the cemetery, either as a quiet place to sit and read or to walk their dogs.

Just got back to the motel with our quota of lizards. Reptiles are all happily feasting on baby crickets (purchased from the petshop at the Broadway Shopping Centre). Lizard catchers are happily resting up after three days of intensive fieldwork.


Victor said...

That church and cemetery and the adjoining park form a very popular leisure precinct especially on a sunny afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Just came across this blog post on the internet. It sounds a bit weird taking lizards from their natural home at Newtown back to a motel...?? I assume you are doing this for good and not for evil...Why?