Monday, September 13, 2010

Genitalia, drag show and a birthday party

What a weekend. It started on Friday with a work meeting to discuss a new scientific experiment involving mate choice in humans. If successful, we will hopefully get an answer to an age-old question: does size really matter? ...Stay tuned.

Saturday night, I went to the Greyhound Hotel with one of my research collaborators. It had nothing to do with science. We just wanted to go and see the drag performance. I've probably mentioned this previously already but I really like the people that go to the Greyhound... Diverse. Happy. Fun.

On Sunday, Nate and I went out to a restaurant in Reservoir to celebrate a 1-yeor old's birthday. Three interesting observations. First, people out in suburbia are, on average, 15 kg larger than their inner city counterparts. Second, restaurants catering for suburban clientele serve up bigger food portions on larger plates than inner city restaurants. Third, people living in suburbia have more children than those who dwell in the inner city (there were at least 4 other kids birthdays on that day).


Evol Kween said...

I agree about the Greyhound; much less pretension than many other venues.

Victor said...

Ah, of my favourite subjects. Can't wait for the findings!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes...we are thinking of extending the study to include gay men but are planning on testing straight women first.