Sunday, September 11, 2011

The xenophobic homophobe

Nathan and I were waiting for the train at (of all places) Prahran when we were subjected to a racist homophobic rant from a woman with two jack russells. She wasn't technically ranting at us but having a loud conversation with her dogs about us. I've been subjected to the occasional racist jibe from time to time (in Queensland and Western Australia) but never been at the receiving end of any overt homophobic remarks. I don't think I am particularly camp (if at all) and neither Nathan nor I 'flaunt' our sexuality (not that any of that should matter). The filth that came out of her mouth made me blush (though, technically, calling us cock suckers is probably a bit hypocritical).


Andrew said...

Ha, and how I indicated how socially inclusive Prahran is. Back to the drawing board.

Victor said...

Oh well, there are worse things in the world than cocksuckers.


Anonymous said...

That's Melbourne. I did not realise you studied in Boston!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: I was as surprised as you were.

Victor: true ;-)

Traveller: I went to Boston after my studies and was working at the same uni that you studied in (based on on a comment you posted on your previous blog). I liked almost everything about Boston...except for the construction work associated with the big dig and the terrible train line that branches in a very confusing way (I got lost on my first day trying to sort out my uni paperwork). I spent most of my time on the Cape though. I love New England. I love clam chowder. And I love the Boston accent.

Evol Kween said...

Sounds to me like this woman was from Brighton (oh, did I just say that?)