Friday, November 4, 2011

sore and sleepless

I went on a field trip yesterday to collect fish for an experiment. I must be getting old. After a day of fieldwork, I was an absolute wreck....tired and sore all over. I feel like I have been battered by a baseball bat. It never use to be this way.

And to think that I was actually planning to go to the gym yesterday after the field trip. Common sense prevailed and I told my gym buddy that I would have to cancel. It felt like I already had a substantial work out wading through the water, scooping up fish and carting water-filled eskies back and forth.

I ended up going to bed super early and then woke up super early (3.30am). Oh well, might as well catch up on blogging. I've decided to take it easy today and mark exams.


Victor said...

Your post's title 'sore and sleepless' conjured up all sorts of erotic expectations. I thought here we go. True confessions coming up.

Oh well what did you expect from a gay follower.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Sorry Victor..surely there are other blogs that can fulfil those kinds of expectations though.