Friday, November 4, 2011

Gay stereotypes

My straight friend, P, is working on his next novel. It centres on two gay characters, one of whom shares the same name as me. But that's where the similarities end.

P is really serious about doing research for his novel to make sure that the characters and story line are believable. He has been interviewing older gay men and seems to be familiar now with terms that make me blush.

Still, every now and then, he would send me an email to ask me about things, expecting me to provide the answers. And most of the times I cannot.

Recently, he asked me a question about beats and the signals that men use with each other. Somehow he thinks all gay men would know the answer to such things. "How the hell would I know?" was my response. But still, the questions keep coming.

The most recent text from P asked me to suggest a password gay guys might use. I though for a moment and, thinking back to a complete innocuous post by High Riser, I replied 'snow plough'.


Andrew said...

I'm sure snow plough could mean something. However, I am not sure that I believe you could blush so easily, you poor innocent little flower.

A straight guy pestered me a couple of times about how gay men recognise each other on the street. Sometimes it is obvious that someone is gay, and sometimes it requires instinct. I really couldn't give him a satisfactory answer.

Evol Kween said...

Isn't every gay man's password 'Zac Efron' ;p

Victor said...

I tried to explain to a straight friend that eye contact often gives a clue but as Andrew intimated it wasn't a convincing explanation for my friend.

One thing I have never mastered is the system of pocketed coloured handkerchiefs to indicate preferred sexual activity. I would need access to the internet to decipher the signals. I probably have the wrong coloured hankies anyway!

Anonymous said...

Could have used Friend of Dorothy....:)

Mann said...

LOL, "snow plow."