Friday, November 11, 2011

Weddings galore

Nathan and I are attending an unprecedented number of weddings this Spring. We have already gone to two weddings in two weeks and have another two to go. The next one is this afternoon.

I was a bit surprised that someone would choose a Friday for tying the knot. From the guests' perspective, it is certainly more of a hassle to have to take the day off. Initially I thought it was a decision based on cost but then I found out today that a lot of couples are getting married because of this.


Victor said...

Even without auspicious dates I notice that the church behind my home often has weddings late on Friday afternoons. I have a wedding to attend in Noosa the weekend after next.

Andrew said...

With your height, you will be at an advantage for catching the bouquet.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: it is a revelation to me that people have weekday weddings but I guess a weekday is as good as any other day (just maybe a little less convenient for the guests).

Andrew: The throwing of the bouquet was totally rigged. Nathan had a go though. No luck.

Btw...I had not met either the bride or groom before. They were a beautiful couple. The groom was very handsome and I was shocked to learn that he had lost 50kg in the last year or so. Nathan went to the engagement party and had a hard time reconciling the guy at the ceremony as being the same one he met a year ago.

Evol Kween said...

I went to a wedding in Daylesford this Thursday just past and tonight I'm going to a Hen's night. Spring has sprung!

Andrew - I can't stop giggling at the thought of Victor diving across the room for a bouquet!