Friday, January 27, 2012

Australia Day

I thought I'd do something different this year and go to a citizenship ceremony. I wish I could say the ceremony was fantastic and that it was filled with emotion but it was actually quite boring. Sorry. Is that being un-Australian? The whole thing went way too long, the speeches (by the politicians) were self-serving, and the audience talked through the whole thing. We left before the ceremony concluded.

In celebration of Australia's multiculturalism, however, I ended up going to an Indian restaurant and gorged on butter chicken.


Victor said...

Some councils try to liven things up and make the ceremony memorable for the participants but too many ceremonies are perfunctory, bureaucratic and as you noted self serving promotional opportunities for local 'dignitaries'.

Anonymous said...

I went to one about fifteen years ago and I found it very moving. I expect it depends very much on the organisers.