Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo shoot

A photographer and stylist came to our apartment this morning to photograph the interior for a newspaper's lifestyle magazine. It was a really fun process in which to be involved.

The stylist played around with some of the furnishings....she moved the dining table a few inches towards the centre of the room, swapped a cushion on a chair, perked the flowers I had bought for the dining table (water lilies) and shifted a floor lamp ever so slightly so that it was in view. For the most part, she kept things pretty much as they were.

The photographer took heaps of shots, playing around with the back lighting (with a bed sheet) to get rid of the reflections that were obscuring some of the paintings on the wall. He will manipulate the images later, picking the best elements from each photo to get the 'perfect' shot. In my mind, however, every shot already looked amazing. In fact, because of the way the picture is framed, the photos look better than the reality!

Two hours later, it was over. Am looking forward to seeing the finished product when it comes out.


Andrew said...

I trust you will tell us which mag and when?

Victor said...

Wow, I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to feature my apartment in a magazine except as instructive advice as to how not to furnish a home.