Monday, May 28, 2012


Nathan and I went to Albury for the weekend. I must admit that, prior to this trip, I had never really thought about Albury as a tourist destination in its own right. It was always a place to stop during the long trips between Canberra and Melbourne (either to eat, stretch legs, swap drivers, go to the loo, or all of the aforementioned). We decided to go to Albury on this occasion to attend a friend's brother's 30th. We went by train (or at least that was the plan). Nathan booked us first class tickets, which were only $20 more than economy. However, when we arrived at Southern Cross on Saturday morning, the train was replaced by a bus instead. The excuse we were given was that the train was defective (though the cynic in me noticed that there weren't many of us going to Albury so maybe a bus was more economical). Albury itself was much nicer than I remembered (i.e. when used as a toilet stop). The cafes were pleasant and we even did some shopping though, in total, we spent just a little under 24 hours in the city itself (had to get back to Melbourne to do some work stuff). I must check out the nearby town next time though.


Andrew said...

My sister caught the train to here from Geelong on Saturday, and it was replaced by a bus. Maybe major works. You should get a refund of the balance between economy and first.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yep...they gave us a refund but only after we enquired about it. It wasn't to bad a trip though. I think a bus still beats driving myself.

Victor said...

There is scarcely a weekend without some section of Sydney's metropolitan network being shut down for maintenance. Buses replace the trains.

Several weeks ago it was revealed that there have been shut downs recently without any maintenance occurring after bureaucrats failed to schedule the planned works.