Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The pretty italian

I went out for dinner with Nathan and a bunch of friends last night on Lygon Street. The manager of the restaurant had the most amazing physique of any man I have ever seen in real life. We are not talking about subjective perceptions of beauty here. He was scientifically beautiful...a strong jaw line, a high forebrow ridge, a v-shaped body. He was almost too beautiful. I couldn't stop gawping. It didn't help that he wore a very tight shirt with the top buttons undone, thus accentuating his sizeable pecs. The only downside was his habit of constantly reaching his hands right down his trousers to make sure his shirt was tucked into his pants....dinner service at a restaurant (no matter how sexy you may be) is definitely not the time nor the place to have your hands down your pants.

1 comment:

Victor said...

On the other hand, in a manner of speaking, it would be ok for a customer to have their hand down his pants.

After all, the customer is always right.