Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is my most recent art acquisition – a collection of 30 bones wrapped in red velvet. The artist, who is from Western Australia, scours the country side for road kill. She takes the animals, boils them down and extracts their bones. She then sews them up individually in velvet. I think they are beautiful. Nathan reckons they are creepy (as, I suspect, will most of my readers). In fact, Nathan initially refused to have them in the apartment and suggested I bring them into work and hang them in the office instead. However, when he finally saw them, he conceded that they were not as bad as what he had originally the bones are now hanging in a discreet location behind the stairs to the bedroom.


Tim said...

Oh no..... I do think this one's a little bit too creepy for the home! maybe the office??

Adaptive Radiation said...

Do you think it could be bad feng shui? My mum would freak out.