Sunday, September 9, 2012

A zero waste breakfast

In return for the sumptuous dinner the night before, Nathan suggested going out for brekky yesterday so we headed off to Silo. It took us a while to find the place but the cafe was located in Hardware Street in the CBD right opposite the Hardware Societe cafe (which, by the way, seemed a lot more popular with a long line of people waiting outside). Our venue was far less crowded and I must admit that when the menu was delivered to us, I very nearly joined the back of Societe's queue. It's not that I don't have faith in Nathan's choice of restaurant venues (his cooking is another matter) but when the menu has dishes titled 'leek, egg, seeds', it does make me a little nervous ('where's the sausage?'). The waiter did explain, however, that this was an eco-friendly cafe (whatever the heck that means) so I guess I was in for an ecologically guilt-free breakfast experience (And why not? I am an ecologist after all). I was more nervous for Nathan (he complains when I sprinkle chia seeds on his porridge or serve him quinoa with the sunday roast). But as it turns out, my concerns were unfounded. We were both extremely satisfied with our 'coddled hen egg with mushrooms'. The bread they served it on is made in-house (and when I say 'made' I mean they even mill their own flour!), as was the soy milk I had with my earl grey. Sure, I'd probably like to try Hardware Societe one day (there must be a reason why folks were patiently waiting in line in the wind yesterday to secure a table), but I had to hand it to Nathan for picking Silo. And the smug bastard knew it too. As we walked out of the restaurant, he asked "Were you surprise I picked such a great place?". "Not as surprised as you", I replied.


Victor said...

This reminds me of Sydney's Bourke Street Bakery. No matter when I pass by there is always a long queue stretching down the street. Many in the queue I'm sure are people who proudly proclaim to friends that they are not followers of fashion.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Melbourne is very much like that. I've temporarily given up on going to the Mexican place everyone is ranting about. I'll wait til the crowds move on to the next fad.