Sunday, September 9, 2012


It was friday. I was feeling in need of a treat so I arranged with Nathan to meet up after work for a fancy dinner. When I think fancy, I think of japanese. I'm not talking about teppanyaki here (is it even authentic?). No, we went for japanese degustation at Shoya. It's been a while but it was still amazing. We went for the 'festive course'. And festive it certainly was (in fact, each morsel they brought out felt like a full on carnival in my mouth). My favourite was the beef cheek wrapped in spinach. A lot of food though. Nathan and I had to go friday night shopping afterwards to help us digest.


Victor said...

I don't usually think of 'degustation' and 'a lot of food' as going together.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Normally not but this place is an exception.