Sunday, September 2, 2012


What a glorious weekend. The weather was fantastic. Nathan and I went to Northcote for lunch with his cousin on Saturday. Today, we headed off to the Camberwell markets in the morning before making our way to Victoria street for sugar cane prawns and vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. We spent the afternoon perusing bric-a-brac and then headed to the Queen Vic markets, where we bought some produce for tonight's dinner (ox tail for soup...I love doing a soup or a slow braise on the weekends). I'm feeling totally rejuvenated for the week ahead (including the start of 8am lectures). Bring it on.


Andrew said...

Sugar cane prawns. Not heard of them before. You had a great day by the sound of it.

Victor said...

I doubt anything could rejuvenate me for 8am lectures on the other hand I start my volunteering day at the hospital before 8am almost with a smile on my face.