Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grandma's 90th

We celebrated my maternal grandma's 90th last weekend. So, basically the day after returning from Europe, I was at the airport again (this time with Nathan) on our way to Canberra. All the extended family were descending into town. My uncle and aunt were already there and made paella for us on the Friday night when we arrived. The paella was a personal request (my uncle and his wife lived in Brazil for many years and are exceptional cooks). My cousins arrived on the Saturday from Brisbane, as did my sister and brother-in-law from Melbourne. I hadn't seen my two cousins for years. They are all married now, with kids. Very cute (the kids, that is). Saturday night was the actual birthday party. We went to the Hyatt for...of course, a buffet (What is it with chinese families and buffets?) All of my dad's side of the family were invited too. All in all, I think grandma had a nice birthday party. 90 years is a hell of a long time when you think about it. She has seen the world change very rapidly in her life time and has experienced so much (including a world war).


Andrew said...

To play the stereotype, all that food available, for a set price. Your gran must be fit enough to go out for her birthday. Maybe she will see 100.

Victor said...

My father would have been the same age. You are so right about the changes she would have seen in just her lifetime.