Monday, August 5, 2013

a flying visit

I made a quick trip to Canberra this weekend to see my dad, who was suppose to have surgery today. Unfortunately,  the surgeon was sick and postponed the op at the eleventh hour. I am now back in Melbourne and the op is rescheduled for Wednesday.

I must say, flying into Canberra this time, I was quite impressed by the airport which seems to be nearing completion. I still remember the crappy little airport in Canberra when we migrated to Australia in the early 80s. Back then, the planes that flew into Canberra were mostly small and from a limited number of destinations. Also, there were no aerobridges so it meant walking onto the tarmac to get onto the plane (which was a real pain in the rain). I guess this is progress.



Anonymous said...

No mention of the deplorable Melbourne Airport! Hope things go well for your dad.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks Andrew. Oh...make sure to go to Silo Bakery in Kingston. It is meant to be very good.