Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a fork at security

Whilst at Melbourne Airport on Sunday, I had a little incident at security. And it's all Nathan's fault.

Let me explain...

Whenever I bring my lunch to the office, I always use the cutlery at work and then pack it away inside my lunch box to bring home to wash. Nathan, who has a thing about matching cutlery in our kitchen drawer, then places the (mostly) mismatched office forks back into my work bag, with the idea I'd return them to work.

The problem this time around was that Nathan did not tell me that he had put a metal fork in my bag.

So...forward to Sunday when I was at Melbourne airport. I made sure to take off my steel-capped shoes, my watch, my wallet and my keys and placed them inside my bag. I walked through the metal detectors without any incident. But then I notice the security guy remove my bag from the conveyor belt. A few minutes later, he tells me I have a fork in my bag and had to go through security again. And 'yes', I had to endure the pre-scripted, condescending spiel about how I am not suppose to bring metal forks into the airport.

Thanks Nathan. Thanks a lot.


Victor said...

This is tangental to your post but I always get called aside for the bomb residue test regardless of whether I am travelling domestically or internationally or alone or with others. As a 64 years old gay man I obviously fit someone's idea of a profile.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Seems to happen to me too. We both must look dodgy.