Saturday, September 28, 2013

dog attack

I took Truffs out for a walk yesterday morning around the Dcoklands. We made our way to a park near Woolworths. There were two other dogs in the park playing ball with their owners. Both dogs were off leash (even though there are no off leash areas in Docklands).

As we were making our way across the park both dogs ran over and one of them instantly set on Truffs and started biting her head and neck. The dog's owners and I were frantically trying to pull the dogs apart. All the while, Truffs was yelping.

We finally managed to separate them. The dog's owners, a lovely Asian couple, were apologising profusely and checking Truffs for any damage. Fortunately she didn't receive any (I think her thick fur saved her from serious injury).

Evidently the aggressor was a rescue dog and the new owners are trying to get it better socialised with other dogs. I think it still has a long way to go. Despite seeing Truffs attacked, I was empathetic to the owners (though they really should have had their dog on a leash or muzzled). Anyhoo..we had a nice chat.

As for Truffs, she got a treat from the aggressor's owner for the 'trauma' and almost instantly started wagging her tail at the owners' other dog. Seems like all was forgiven.

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FletcherBeaver said...

They are trying to better socialise a dog and they don't have it on a lead? Really?