Monday, December 30, 2013

10 observations

In anticipation of not having internet connection for a few days, here are 10 observations about Nicaragua...

1. You can expect to eat lots of gallo pinto and tostones.

2. Nicaraguans love their dodgy backyard fireworks.

3. Like the rest of Latin America, don’t try to flush too much toilet paper down the loo…you will cause a flood.

4. If you are driving and you happen to stop at the traffic lights at a major intersection in Managua, expect to have your car windscreen cleaned – even if it has already been cleaned at the same intersection by the same kid less than a day earlier.

5. While waiting to get your windscreen cleaned, don’t be surprised if three or four people walk up to your car and attempt to sell you something (e.g. sunglasses, drinks, fruit, steering wheel covers).

6. The concept of a street ‘address’ (as we know it) does not exist in Nicaragua [I have no idea how mail gets delivered here].

7. Don’t be surprised to see people carrying machine guns or machetes (Even their statues carry them – see above example). 

8. If you are dining out, save some food for the dogs and cats that will come to your table begging for scraps.

9. The smell of smoke is ubiquitous in rural areas (people love raking leaves into small piles and setting them alight).

10. A laid back attitude is the best way to enjoy this amazing country and its people. 


Victor said...

Your reporting to date suggests you've enjoyed better internet access than did I cruising around New Zealand. Half my posts were created on return to Australia.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I've been surprised myself!