Monday, December 30, 2013

Nicaragua day 14 - shopping in Managua

We managed to get quite a bit done in Managua yesterday. We headed straight to the Metro Centro shopping mall, which looks a lot like an Australian shopping mall (minus the Myer or David Jones department stores). We took the opportunity to stock up on a range of essentials like toothpaste, insect repellent, sunscreen and potato chips (for my student; not for me).

After shopping, we stopped by at a cafĂ© that seems to cater to rich Nicaraguans and foreigners (prices are in US dollars). I tried to order a tea but it somehow got very complicated in Spanish so I settled for a chai latte instead (which literally turned out to be a drink comprising a mix of chai and cafe latte).  

We ended up having an early dinner so that my colleague and student could make their concert. We went to a fast food place called Pollo Estrella.  It’s a bit like KFC – but with a Central American twist….You can choose to have refried beans, rice, or pickled onions as side dishes (rather than the chips or coleslaw that most of us would be familiar with at KFC).

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel (rice and beans) and are going to head back out to Metro Centro to grab a few more things that we forgot to get yesterday before heading back to Xiloa.

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