Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nicaragua day 11-13 Lake Xiloa

We left Lake Apoyo the day after Christmas and have now arrived in Lake Xiloa (pronounced as ‘hiloa’). This will be my main base until I leave Nicaragua. We have several fish experiments planned here.

Like Lake Apoyo, Lake Xiloa is a crater lake and is teeming with fish. The surrounding scrub is a lot drier compared to the tropical forest of Apoyo. In fact, it looks a lot like parts of Australia (an illusion enhanced by the presence of Eucalypts).

We are staying at a privately run ‘research station’, several metres from the shore. There is a woodpecker living in a tree in the courtyard (will try to get some shots for a future post) and I saw my first scorpion on my way to the Lake (it may have fallen out of my colleague's diving gear...a good reminder to carefully check clothing and equipment beforehand).

We are back in Managua today (Saturday). My student and colleague are going to a concert after dinner. I will have a relaxing night catching up on internet.  

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