Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday scones

Nathan and I had our seven year anniversary yesterday. We celebrated with a nice lunch on Southbank, followed by afternoon tea at the NGV.

Neither of us had been to NGV international since last year and we were surprised to see that the Gallery had renovated the tearoom on level 1. The old interior was warm, luxe and inviting.

The new interior is stark, white and clinical (it also looks unfinished). The old waiters seem to have been replaced by a younger, more trendy-looking bunch. The space was more crowded (I guess the space was renovated to fit more tables). The light sculptures were blindingly bright.

Fortunately the main reason for our visit, the scones, remain unchanged and were super tasty.


Andrew said...

I've not been there, but the scones are calling me.

Adaptive Radiation said...

They are good Andrew. You won't regret it.

Victor said...

As I recall AdRad you took me there for scones too.

Now I know your modus operandi!