Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day

My grandma used to make my lunches when I was at primary school: soy braised chicken with rice. All the other kids wanted to have what I was eating. But I craved meat pies.

Lunch orders were a rare treat and involved writing your order on a brown paper bag and putting the money inside the bag and dropping it off at the tuckshop at recess. The order would then be delivered to the classroom just before lunch....a meat pie (or was it two?...I was a fat kid) with the sauce squirted inside, and a chocolate milk. Simple pleasures.

Being able to devour the pie without getting the hot filling and sauce all over your hands is a good test of what it means to be Australian.

Happy Australia Day!


Victor said...

Yep, I've always loved a steaming hot pie.

Andrew said...

Happy Australia Day to you. My niece puts in her lunch order much as you describe, but she is allowed only once a month. Pies are good man food.