Thursday, June 4, 2015

Intense learnings

The leadership  course I have been doing here at Harvard has been extremely intense – but it has also been very rewarding. The facilities are great (I wish the buildings at my uni looked half as good) and the lecturers are all amazing too.
At the start of the course, we were each assigned to smaller study groups comprising eight fellow participants. We have been working very closely as within our groups. The group that I was assigned to is quite multinational, with two Aussies, a Pakistani, a Canadian, a Mexican, a Brit, an Azerbaijani, and a Spaniard. We all get along really well.

Yesterday, the Mexican suggested we go on an outing as a group. So...tonight we went to Fenway Park as a group. The game itself wasn't all that exciting (especially for a non-sporty person) but the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic – and I was really surprised by the size of the crowd given that it was a weeknight.

 The Budweiser sign inside the stadium, which I think Nathan would appreciate.

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