Sunday, August 27, 2017


Nathan and I went to an open house inspection yesterday (yep, I might be soon moving to the suburbs...let's see).

The house was beautiful but I was perplexed I couldn't find the second bathroom/toilet.

The mystery was later solved when we figured out that the locked door leading from the laundry was, in fact, the toilet – and that another prospective buyer had been taking a dump.

It got me it ok to be using the toilet for number 2s at an open house?


Anonymous said...

Someone had done the same thing here in my ensuite, discovered the day we moved in. I guess they did not want to draw attention to their deed and so did not flush. I am not sure how long it had sat there, but it took more than a flush to clean it and it was the first thing we did. Now, what was I going to have for breakfast?

Adaptive Radiation said...

That's terrible. What an awful 'housewarming' surprise that must have been.

Victor said...

I think the answer would you usually be, no. However if the alternative is an unavoidable display of incontinence elsewhere in the residence then I suppose using the toilet is the preferable option. But please flush and clean up afterwards and also hope the owners have some room deodorant at hand.