Saturday, December 9, 2017

Over the top

Nathan and I went to a homewares shop in Collingwood today.

It has a bit of an 'ye olde' feel about it.

There was no cash register, the laptop computer was hidden behind an old box and the sales attendants wrote out the receipt by hand.

Fine. I can see what the shop is trying to achieve.

But....with a huge line of customers all waiting for their purchases to be individually hand written onto a piece of paper, the whole process seemed unnecessarily cumbersome and time consuming. It was also resource intensive; it took two sales assistants to process the order. One to pack the item and the other to add the item onto the hand written receipt.

The situation wasn't helped by the fact that many items did not have price tags so the sales attendants had to look up the items on the lap top.

Meanwhile, three other sales attendants stood nearby doing nothing.


Victor said...

That would be an irritation especially at Christmas shopping time.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Indeed. I decided to send the company an email. I made it clear it wasn't a complaint. I just wanted to provide some constructive feedback.

Unknown said...

I don't know of this shop. Is it worth a visit, in perhaps a quieter time?

Adaptive Radiation said...

If you like homewares Andrew, it's probably worth a look. I noticed a lot of interesting shops have popped up in Collingwood recently so you could probably spend a few hours exploring the surroundings. It's called Hub General Store.