Sunday, February 4, 2018


I caught up with some Singaporean family friends for lunch yesterday. They were telling me about the Michelin starred hawker stall that specialises in chicken rice. It is apparently the cheapest Michelin star food outlet in the world.

The accolade has been great for business and people are willing to wait. The family friends told me about someone they knew who had travelled from Malaysia to Singapore to try the food. That person arrived at 10.45am, before the shop was even open, and there was already a queue. He got his food at 3.30pm. Apparently it was worth the wait.

I love my chicken, but I'm not sure I have the stamina to wait almost 5 hours for it.

The Michelin star shop has opened an outpost here in Melbourne. Coincidentally, I received a text from another friend yesterday afternoon. It was 4.30pm. He was standing outside the shop, keen to order some take away. He was complaining that there is already a long queue. He'll have to wait.


Victor said...

Chicken rice doesn't really sound like a Michelin star meal. On the other hand these are two ingredients I can eat any day of the year and enjoy.

Andrew said...

Not that I will queue, but what is the name of the place?

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: I'm the same. Chicken has been my favourite ever since I was a kid. Nathan complains that, unlike me, he cannot eat chicken every day.
Andrew: It's called Hawker Chan. No doubt I'll give it a try at some stage but am prepared to wait until the foodie crowd moves onto the next 'big thing'.