Sunday, May 20, 2018

Saturday routine

Nathan works on Saturdays. We (i.e. Nathan, Truffles and I) all pile into the car in the morning to go with him to work.

The dog and I then walk home together. It's good exercise. We always go pass the South Melbourne markets and I usually end up getting some flowers (Truffles usually gets a dog treat from the florist). We are both happy.

The past few weeks, I've also taken to catching the tram out to Victoria Street so I can have Vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. Last week I had pho. This week I had bun bo hue.

After my big meal, I decided to walk down to Bridge Road. I visited a commercial gallery that was having an exhibition of 'sharp edge abstraction'. It was food for the soul. Stunning.

Back home, I pottered around the apartment for a few hours and then it was time for the dog and I to walk back to Nathan's work. The dog insists on sniffing every tree along the way so it takes us a while but I don't mind. We tend to get to Nathan's office early and wait for him to clock off. We then pile back in the car and drive home together.

That's my Saturday routine. And I love it.


Andrew said...

Routines can be very pleasant and I like the simpleness of yours.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Simplicity can be a wonderful thing.

Victor said...

Nothing wrong with routines except if you are stuck in one you want to stop. I used to buy two massive lamingtons every Saturday from a cake shop in Woollahra when I moved to Edgecliff twenty eight years ago. I knew it wasn't a healthy thing to do but I continued doing it anyway. Fate intervened. The cake shop closed down a few years later. No more Saturday lamingtons. Well...not every Saturday anymore.