Saturday, September 22, 2018

Counting pennies

I went into a vintage furniture and decorative arts shop today in Richmond. I started talking to the owner and we must have chatted for an hour.

The owner told me about a man and a woman who had earlier pulled up to the front of the shop in their Aston Martin, and were interested in buying a vase. However, the couple didn't want to pay the asking price and tried to haggle down the price. The owner politely said 'no', and so the couple left.

Unbeknownst to the shop owner, it was the same vase I had admired when I walked into the shop, so I bought it. The owner gave me a discount (even though I didn't ask for it).

I don't have an Aston Martin but I now have a nice vintage vase.


Victor said...

And you have some extra money to save up for an Aston Martin!

Anonymous said...

Carrying the vase on tram doesn't have quite the same ring as an Aston Martin. No photo of vase?

Adaptive Radiation said...

I was nervous I was going to accidentally smash it. Andrew...I'll take a photo and put it up in a future post.