Sunday, October 7, 2018


This is a painting by Pierre Bonnard. It is a voyeuristic piece  titled "Toilette ou Femme Penchèe" (Toilet or Woman Bending Over).

On Friday, I had my very own toilette ou femme penchèe experience.

I was at a cafe that has one of those large unisex toilets suitable also for disabled people. I opened the door and there was a woman sitting on the loo peeing/pooing and texting. She said something that was mostly indecipherable (I did hear the words "Oh God") with her head down as if to hide her embarrassment. She simultaneously reaching out with one hand towards me. Not sure if she was trying to reach for the door (which was pointless, since the door was some distance from where she was sitting) or trying to block my view. Lucky there was nothing to see.

To all people using public toilets: lock the door.


Anonymous said...

I would be traumatised if I was in your situation. I hope it wasn't my mother, as she has a fear of being locked in small spaces and doesn't lock a toilet door, or even close it at times.

Adaptive Radiation said...

It was a youngish lady, I think. Hard to tell, since she had her face covered. Surprisingly I wasn't as traumatised as I thought I'd be.

Victor said...

My desk at the hospital has direct line of sight to a unisex toilet across the corridor. I can actually hear the sound of the lock when there isn't much ambient noise present. I'm amazed at how often people occupy that toilet without locking the door.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I wonder how often you hear the scream when someone walks into the toilet when it's occupied ;-)