Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pain in the back

I've hurt my back on only a few occasions. The first time was when I was lifting a 20 litre bucket of aquarium water without bending my legs (stupid...I know). The second time was when I was having a coughing fit whilst brushing my teeth (wtf?). Yesterday I hurt my back again...when I stood up to get off the train in the morning on my way to work. I'm not quite sure how the heck I managed to do my back in from simply standing up, but boy is it sore today. I had to cancel my meetings and work from home instead.

Last night, I made Nathan do the cooking and the washing. He had to fetch me ice cream and rub dencorub in my back. This morning he set up my home office and bought my medication to bed. He is much better at nursing me than I am of nursing him. Nathan gets sciatic pain all the time so I asked him how he manages his back pain. His reply was short and simple... he says "I suck it up".


Victor said...

I once hurt my back when making the most innocuous adjustment to my doona.

It was slightly absurd that such a minor body movement produced a back strain that impeded me for a week.

Andrew said...

I think these sudden back problems are related to something that happened before the event. Like perhaps sitting for a long time, or having your back in a strange position or overworking the muscles. You have certainly done one of the above, perhaps two, maybe even all three (hi honey, I'm home).

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: Agreed. Damn stupid back....this is the price we pay for bipedalism (walking on two legs).

Andrew: your powers of deduction never ceases to amaze.