Monday, April 9, 2012

My friend Pete

My friend Pete went to a gay sex on premises venue. He is doing research for his second novel. It was his first time. He tried to get me to go with him the last time I was in Canberra but I told him it wasn't my thing. He tells me it was quite a confronting experience and that he felt very uncomfortable (not surprisingly). I can't help but wonder what his girlfriend thinks about it all.


Andrew said...

Uncomfortable and confronting for anyone on their first visit, I would have thought. Straight guys are usually disappointed that they don't have to fight off hoards of gay men who are overcome with desire for them.

Victor said...

Ah, the old 'just here researching a story' line. They probably thought he was a closet case!

Even for an experienced old Queen like myself a sex on premises venue felt like an unpleasant meat market.