Friday, August 10, 2012

Helsinki calling

I am in Finland (again). This time, I'm in transit (sort of). I head off to Copenhagen tomorrow and then catching the train to Sweden for a conference. I'll be returning to Copenhagen for a couple of days after that. I'm looking forward to it, having never been to Denmark before. I wonder if I'll see Princess Mary? Anyhoo...back to Finland. I got in bright and early yesterday morning (i.e. 6.30am but the sun was already high in the sky). I've brought a cold with me. Managed not to get sick the entire winter until just a few days ago after catching up with a friend in the city ("I'm not contagious," she said. Yeah right). One of the first things I do in Helsinki is go to the supermarket and purchase a bottle of unsweetened lingonberry juice (well, I accidentally bought unsweetened cranberry juice but that's what happens when you can't read Finnish and have to rely on the picture on the label). I guzzled half of it in one go. It was mouth-numbingly sour but I'm thinking (in hope) that the hit of vitamin c and powerful anti-oxidants will do me some good. I then spent the afternoon fishing in Helsinki harbour on a tinny. It was my friend's idea. He said I needed to stay awake, get some sun and try to overcome the jet lag. We caught 16 pike perch, took three home (on the bus), and ate them for dinner. I was asleep by 10pm. Perfect.

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Victor said...

The lengths you go to find a sauna!